You are not Alone

Many people around the world are battling low self-worth without even realizing it. The signs can be subtle and are often mistaken for mere mood swings or bad days. However, persistent feelings of inadequacy, self-doubt, and a lack of confidence are signs that you might be grappling with low self-worth. This can impact your life in profound ways, including your relationships, career, and overall mental well-being.

Harnessing the Power of Quantum Energy

Our unique and innovative Quantum Empowerment Script (QES) sets us apart.

The Power of Collective Consciousness

Beyond personal development, our program fosters collective growth and unity.

Our Solution

Our 26-day program combines daily education and affirmations, ensuring a guaranteed improvement in your self-worth. With easy-to-understand and engaging lessons, complex psychological concepts become easily digestible in less than 10 minutes per day.

At the heart of our program lies the powerful Quantum Empowerment Script (QES). A team of 8 advanced, heart-centered energy practitioners delivers a daily affirmation to you, acting as a metaphysical message that opens pathways to transformative journeys. Combined with your openness to receive, the QES sparks profound personal development and empowerment, like nothing else.

But our program doesn't stop there; it goes beyond individual growth. It fosters a sense of collective consciousness within our community. As active members engage with and contribute to daily affirmations, their progress not only enriches their own lives but also uplifts the entire community of subscribers.

Join us at Self-Worth Now and embark on this transformative 26-day journey. Empowerment and growth await you, and we're here to support you every step of the way. Let's elevate our self-worth together, creating a positive ripple effect in our lives and the lives of those around us.

Unlock your potential and manifest the fulfilling relationships, mental well-being, and unprecedented success you truly deserve.

Discover how Self-Worth Now has helped the community break free from self-doubt, unleash their potential, and achieve their goals

Chuck E

"I was feeling like a scaredy-cat before joining Self-Worth Now. But their lion-sized courage tips roared me out of my comfort zone! Now, I'm facing challenges with the bravery of 8 lions! Thank you, Self-Worth Now, for helping me unleash my inner roar!"

Bumble B

"As an introvert, my self-worth was as elusive as an 8-legged octopus. But Self-Worth Now taught me to embrace my uniqueness like a lion with a playful mane! Now, I'm not just the life of the party; I'm the 8-legged octo-king of charisma!"

Quirk E

"Self-Worth Now turned my life around like an 8-ball on a pool table! With their multifaceted advice and tools, I pocketed my self-doubt and started calling the shots with lion-like determination. No more scratching my confidence!"

Fizz E

"Before Self-Worth Now, I was like a shy little mouse, but they transformed me into a roaring lioness! Their empowering tips gave me the courage of 8 fearless lions. Now, I stand tall with a newfound sense of pride in myself!"


A World of Self-Worth and Empowerment

Our purpose is to empower individuals on their journey towards self-discovery, happiness, and personal growth, guiding them to unleash their inner power and become the best versions of themselves.

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Step Into Your Power 

Unlock your self-worth and transform your life with Self-Worth Join our transformative 26-day program, receive daily affirmations, and engage in a supportive community to cultivate happiness, confidence, and personal growth.

26-Day Program

"Unlock your true potential with our transformative 26-day program."

Daily Affirmations

"Receive daily affirmations that uplift and empower."

Quantum Empowerment Script

"Experience the unique power of our Quantum Empowerment Script (QES)."

Collective Consciousness

"Join a supportive community and contribute to the power of collective thought."

Buy One, Gift One

"Extend the power of self-worth improvement to others through our 'buy one, gift one' initiative."

17-Day Money-Back Guarantee

"We're confident in the value we provide. Try our program risk-free."

Awakening Your Inner Confidence: Stepping into Your Power and Embracing Your Worth

Welcome to Self-Worth Now, where we believe that everyone deserves to embrace their true worth and live a life filled with happiness

In the pursuit of personal growth and development, we often come across terms like “self-worth” and “self-esteem.” While they both relate to

Self-confidence is a powerful trait that empowers us to embrace challenges, pursue our dreams, and unlock our true potential. It goes hand